Get Set Up

application link on laptop computer

Make it easy for customers to apply.

Embed your unique store link in a button or banner on your site. This gives customers a logical place to apply and allows you to:

  • Protect your leads by locking them to your store.
  • Track your deals in your dealer dashboard.
  • Receive real-time updates of customers’ application status.
  • Receive payment by the lenders.

Your unique store link is included in your Welcome Kit. Lost it? Email us at

Button & Logo

Large Banner

Mower Finance banner

Wide Skinny Banner

Mower Finance Splash banner-wide

Compact Banner

Mower Finance splash banner-narrow

Help yourself to some branding.

Let your customers know you offer Mower Finance!

  • Use your own button or download ours.
  • Want to put our logo on a promotion? Here you go.
  • Want to embed your link in an eye-catching banner? We have a few choices.

Watch training video of step-by-step instructions here.

Educational Iframe

Educate your customers.

Place this content on a page in your site by embedding a simple line of code.

IMPORTANT: This iframe does not link to the application. To do that, place a button embedded with your unique store link on the same page with this iframe.